Kowhai Forge Ltd. 243 Waipapa road, Wharepapa South, Te Awamutu

For individuals who attend a blacksmithing class or demonstration either as a participant, spectator or guardian of participants/spectators under 18.

By signing up for this event, you agree to have read and agree to this waiver form before  you may participate in the event.

I acknowledge that blacksmithing is an inherently dangerous activity and that there are risks inherent in its practice, including and without limitation: 

  • The use of and exposure to hot coals, hot metal, and hot flux
  • The use and exposure to sharp objects
  • The use of and exposure to power tools and hand tools
  • Exposure to falling or flying objects
  • Exposure to dirt, wax, oil and grime

Kowhai Forge Ltd. accepts no responsibility or liability for any injury or loss that might result from participating in such activities.

I understand blacksmithing is a physically demanding activity. In my judgement I am sufficient to participate in such physical activities with knowledge of the physical demands required. 

I understand and hereby agree that I am prevented from suing or otherwise claiming against Kowhai Forge Ltd. for any property loss or personal injury resulting from participating in the above noted activity.