9 am – 4 pm, morning tea and lunch provided


Knife making is one of the most hands on forging experiences – you will be fully involved in all stages of this creative process. You can design your knife shape in advance, but please remember that the maximum overall size for the day-class is 11 inch/28 cm. 


In the knife making process, you will start with forging the rough shape using the sledge hammer and forging hammer. You will then refine your profile using linishers. The knife will be hardened and tempered to give it the hardness, toughness, and flexibility. The next step is to select wood for your handle. Which we will then help you fit with glue and brass rivets.


After lunch you will focus mainly on the handle shaping, using a hand grinder, sandpaper and files. We will then sharpen your blade for you and you will give your knife a finishing touch with a beeswax treatment, which will conserve the wood and help bring out the natural pattern.



NZD 359 per person